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About Us


"Anything is Paw-sible"

Wesley Williams has loved animals from a very young age! His mom even says he wanted to purchase a full-on petting zoo at just five years old. It was always something new she proclaimed. One month all he wanted was a potbelly pig, the next month a miniature pony, the next month a flock of chickens, you name the animal, and Wesley wanted it. Although he has always had a passion for working with animals, Wesley pursued his unique unicycle skills at an early age, but always kept that dream of working with furry friends in the back of his mind. Just two years into forming his livelong goal of an animal act Wesley has burst onto the scene with his "Puppy Pals," an all-new comedic stunt dog show!

Meet The Stars






Cash was our first puppy so he always has a special place in our heart...and the bed too! He is all business which is where he gets his cool name from. Cash came from a beautiful litter in Denver, Colorado. Originally he was destined for another home but they brought him back because they didn't like his spots. Lucky for him we DID! Cash is super duper intelligent and loves nothing more than performing his tricks....but belly rubs are never discouraged by any means.

Rudy is an absolute crazy man! He is always on the go finding where the next treat is! When Rudy was just 3 weeks he was purchased as the "Pick of the Litter" by a breeding program. Unfortunately, a few weeks later Rudy was diagnosed with some serious medical issues and left with no home or family to care for him. When we got the call about him we couldn't pass up his sweet face and personality. Now some might even say he is the STAR of the show!

Bindi the Beautiful! She is small but boy is she a fireball! Bindi was rescued from Central Florida when an elderly couple left her without a home due to her high energy. We heard about her online and decided to make the trip to see her in person. At first sight we knew her drive to please would soar to great heights in the ring.  We gladly welcome her "on the ball" personality here at Puppy Pals as she continues to thrive under the big lights. 

Gizmo is the mad man of man men! Don't be fooled by those innocent eyes because he is on a mission to wreak havoc. Gizmo came to us after his third home. No one knew how to handle his boundless energy. However, once he was in our hands we quickly realized his love for FOOD and desire to do every trick in the book.  He even does a BACKFLIP! Yeah, you heard that right! Gizmo is the ultimate showman and you can't keep him off stage when the lights are on! 

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